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Student Counselor

My Name is Naida Jozanc and I am the school counselor in the American German School in Kuwait.
As a person, I believe in the best in people. As a school counselor, my goal is to make the students recognize that they are valuable, vital, and important individuals. By focusing on a student’s strengths rather than his or her weaknesses, by focusing on their successes rather than their failures, I will encourage each of them to recognize their potential and to strive for higher goals.

I try to create an environment that promotes trust and builds self-pride and confidence for all the students that I see within the school setting

My experiences with children has provided me with success in helping students to identify and change their way of thinking and beliefs.

I feel that structured, directive sessions and implementing a variety of techniques have produced positive results and opened lines of communication.   I feel strongly that collaborative effort between the counselor, student, parents/guardians, administration, and teachers is necessary for student success and happiness.

Naida Jozanc