Elementary Overview

Our AGS Elementary staff strive to work in partnership with parents and families to instill a love of learning for all our students. We encourage you to share a love of reading with your child. Working together to support student learning will ensure your children are reaching their full potential. Our classrooms and programs are designed to support student engagement in all areas of the curriculum. 

American German School offers an instructional program based on an American- German-style trilingual curriculum combined with Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Kuwait Social Studies, as required by the Kuwait Ministry of Education. We believe that each student progresses uniquely through every developmental learning stage. Thus, we provide a supportive learning environment that moves through the curriculum from basic readiness activities to the higher-level thinking skills necessary for independent and group learning activities. AGS follows the American Common Core curriculum. The Elementary Program provides instruction in the areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. It is enhanced by courses in Computer, Art, Physical Education, Music and Library.  

American German School offers differentiated learning experiences to meet the diverse needs of students at each grade level. Our classrooms are lively places for learning that encourage group work and activity centers for students to engage in experiential learning to develop their problem solving and creative skills. Literacy learning is the foundation for learning in all subject areas. During the Literacy block, students are involved in activities such as guided, shared, and independent reading and writing to develop their skills in all areas of the curriculum. Students are monitored consistently through a variety of assessments to make sure they are achieving the benchmarks for learning in their grade level. 

Learning is enhanced by creative and interactive experiences which may include Science Lab, Center Work, Field Trips, activity days, sports day, assemblies, music concerts, Math Night, and other student-centered learning activities.  

The Elementary School staff believes that by providing a comprehensive program in a positive and stimulating learning atmosphere, each student will have the opportunity to become a curious, confident, and capable learner. 

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