High School Overview & Curriculum

Our AGS high school’s program provides our students with a rich variety of opportunities based on the eagerness to explore and nurture their own interests. Our curriculum is based on the American common style curriculum with the Arabic/Islamic Studies curriculum as per Kuwait ministry of education requirements. We pride ourselves as a school that teaches German Language as a core subject for all our students from the time they enter KG1.  

At this academic level, students complete a planned sequence of core and elective courses.  The core high school curriculum at AGS includes courses in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Arabic, Islamic studies, Social Studies, and finally German. Whereas, the elective courses include Global Issues and SAT prep. In addition to the previous electives, there is an upcoming plan for Grade 12 students to allow them to have the option to choose among other elective courses that includes Physics, Psychology, Economics and Environmental Sciences 

Our high school teachers emphasize on the accomplishment of the skills necessary for success at the post-secondary level. Work ethics, organizational skills, logical awareness and self-evaluation are all part of what our teachers instill in our students. This method will enable our students to unearth their university academic path and prepare for the challenges of the college environment. We are a college pre-school working towards introducing AP courses. 

أفضل الكازينوهات على الإنترنت