Special Academic Support

Students present with challenges in the classroom for a variety of reasons. Some have tried and given up, some have even become angry or bitter after trying, failing, and finding their efforts met with criticism. We don’t have good kids and bad kids. We have students who are human beings and from time to time they will face challenges. Before we make assumptions or judge the student’s attitude and give up on them, it is important to find out WHY the student is not doing well and then equip them and their families with the information and tools they need to help with their specific circumstances. The school and home systems need to adapt in order for the student to reach their full potential. We are here to serve and support. 

While AGS may be able to deliver learning assistance in an inclusion setting to some students with mild challenges due to English as a Second Language or a mild disability, limits in human and financial resources prevent the school from being able to intervene positively in all situations for all students. AGS is a college prep school; students need to have sufficient memory, language skills, and IQ to be successful in this environment. AGS does NOT provide a full Special Education Program, Extensive Language remediation program, significantly modified academic curriculum, individualized “one to one” educational assistants, or small class sizes for special education needs.  

With documentation of a Learning Disability, students can receive some minimal accommodations at the school such as preferential seating, test proctors, learning support, etc. AGS Learning Support teachers provide in class, small group + occasional one to one assistance 1-4 hours per week for identified students who are not successfully completing grade level work.  

Teachers and counselors provide surveillance and minimal screening to provide information to parents and health care providers. AGS does not provide Learning Disability diagnosis or intensive individualized treatment  Parental Responsibilities  

It is the parent’s responsibility to provide any equipment or special software needed during school hours. It is also the parent’s responsibility to provide all after school assistance needed, such as tutors, testing, therapy for skill development, and the recommended supportive structure at home. AGS Counselors can give referral information for local professionals.  

School counselors are available to help students through daily contact to better adjust to their home and family, and their peers. Individual counseling and group counseling sessions help identify problems and guide students to their resolution. The counselors in collaboration with the Child Study Team (CST) work with students to identify their strengths, interests and needs. The CST is composed of Counselors, Teachers, Administration and Support Specialist. Through (CST), counselors help to provide intervention strategies to maximize individual students’ achievement. In collaboration with teachers, parents and students’ goals and interventions will be planned and implemented by the CST. The School Counselors of AGS takes a holistic approach and are here to meet the unique and diverse challenges, both personally and developmentally, that have an impact on our student’s academic achievement.