Middle School Overview & Curriculum

The American German School program is an exploratory one where students, as adolescent are introduced to many Developed Programs to enrich and enhance their education experiences as they grow.  

Consistency is our key when it comes to educating students of this age. Where students in other schools would be transitioning to an entirely new environment, with unknown faculty, staff and administration, our middle school students have the benefit of continuing their educational  

experience with people who know and care about them.  

Your middle school child will change classes throughout the day as he or she migrates from one content area to the next. This Middle School model allows students in these grades to be leaders, mentors and role that provides educational value by promoting patience, tolerance, and acceptance of others.

Our middle school curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards for Language Arts and Math. Similar to the Elementary program, Middle School teachers have flexibility with their lesson plans, which enables them to provide a differentiated learning experience for each student. Assessments are used to plan and drive instruction.

Students receive instruction in core subjects: Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, German, and Social Studies, as well as electives in Technology, Fine Arts (Music and Art), and Physical Education. Arabic and Islamic Studies (for Muslim students only) as part of the requirements from the Kuwait Ministry of Education that all students must take. All Middle school student take a Stem class where they continue to develop their skills in RoboticsStudents are assessed formative and summative, throughout the year